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The next call in our free Q&A series is this Wednesday, June 13, at 12:00 noon New York time. Eve and Corinne will be talking about freelance sabbaticals abroad, and they'll draw on their own experiences planning their upcoming extended stays in Europe. We all think of location independence as one of the primary advantages of freelancing, but what's really involved in taking your business on the road? 
How do you decide where to go, find a place to live, manage clients in different time zones and deal with all of those checks being mailed to your home address? During this half-hour call, we'll give you some tips and insights into the sabbatical planning process.

The call is free and you don't need to pre-register; you can join us live by phone or by Skype and we'll also have a recording available after the call. For a full description and the call connection instructions see our website:

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