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Hi all.
We are very happy to announce that the two distinguished speakers we invited
for the annual conference in San Diego have been accepted and included the
Italian program!

Beppe Severgnini is a journalist for Corriere della Sera and the author of
several successful books, including some about language and the influences
of English on Italian.
He has lived and worked in the US, has written for The Sunday Times, The
Economist and The New York Times Syndicate, and has been a columnist for the
Financial Times since 2011.

Giles Watson is a translator with undisputed expertise and a fantastic
experience in the translation of food and wine guides and articles, and is
the author of a well known wine glossary (www.watson.it); besides, he has
translated some of Severgnini's books, such as Mamma mia! Berlusconi’s Italy
Explained to Posterity and Friends Abroad, La bella figura and Ciao America.

At the moment, Beppe Severgnini is travelling across the US by train with a German journalist and writing a daily blog, that Giles is translating into English. If you wish to follow them, here are the links:

In San Diego, Beppe and Giles will present two sessions each:

Giles Watson
The Rhetoric of Winespeak

Beppe Severgnini
Interference from English and How to Avoid It

Giles Watson - Author and Translator - A Success Story (Part I)
Beppe Severgnini - Author and Translator - A Success Story (Part II)

I will send a separate message with the details of the full Italian lineup for this year as soon as possible, but I can already tell you that it looks very exciting, so I really hope to see you in San Diego!


Francesca Marchei
ILD Administrator

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