Medical Interpreter Education: The Gateway to the Future! (January 2014)

16-19 January 2014
Medical Interpreter Education: The Gateway to the Future!
2014 International Medical Interpreters Conference
Houston, TX  USA

Medical interpretation is a very specialized field that has evolved over time into the fastest growing specialization of interpreting practice.

The overriding mission of this conference is to offer an international forum to showcase the latest developments in the field, to investigate its opportunities and challenges, and to advance the quality in services provided to language minority patients worldwide.

We encourage innovative ideas for presentations and activities that support the thematic questions of the conference.

The format of the conference is grounded in professional networking and workshop sessions that maximize audience participation, complemented by interactive plenary sessions on key professional issues. IMIA provides a forum for new and well-established experts in the field to develop their work side by side. This conference seeks to facilitate learning as an ongoing, dynamic and social process, and strives to offer engaging sessions in which diverse participants can form bonds, participate as learners and teachers, and feel integral to the learning process.

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