Clinical Terminology for International Students

Ci segnalano il seguente corso, destinato agli studenti delle professioni mediche ma potenzialmente utile anche per i traduttori:

University of Pittsburgh

Clinical Terminology for International Students

Students coming to the United States to begin or continue their studies in the health professions are often overwhelmed by differences in language and contrasts in clinical-cultural expectations. American English “doctor-speak” or “nurse-speak” is essentially another new language that international students need to understand and use.  This course provides students with strategies to learn effectively, plus a dictionary focused on common clinical abbreviations, acronyms, and phrases that will be most useful in clinical settings in the U.S.
The complexity of interactions and differences in how health care is delivered in U.S. clinical sites can be confusing and anxiety-provoking for international students.  Short videos will demonstrate clinical interactions that are often baffling for international students.  Culturally-laden aspects of clinical settings and how students can adjust to new clinical situations will be discussed. Guidance on how to negotiate difficult situations will be provided.


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