Update on the IT>EN Certification Exam from Jonathan Hine: The review process has started

The ITA>ENG Grader team has sent off the first 11 passages to the Passage Selection Task Force (PSTF) for Preliminary Review. Another 9 passages will follow soon. The Preliminary Review serves to verify that the passages we found are of the appropriate reading level, and that we have put them in the right category. This is to spare us the pain of working on passages that would never be approved because they are basically the wrong sort. After Preliminary Review, we must draw up Translation Instructions (your test instructions) and Passage-Specific Guidelines (our grading instructions), and make any changes recommended by our counterparts on the ENG>ITA Grader Team and by the PSTF reviewer. We have already been doing much of that work, but applying what we have done to each of the 20 passages (assuming all pass Preliminary Review) and assembling them for Final Review and approval will be tedious.

Because we are essentially walking the same iter as a newly establishing language pair, I have no idea how long the two Reviews will take. However, it feels good to be able to announce that we are not still recruiting graders, looking for passages, editing them and trying to get them in shape for submission. With over half our passages in the pipeline, I know that we will have some kind of good news to report in San Antonio. Stay tuned.

Tanti saluti e buon lavoro a tutti,

Grazie a Jonathan e a tutto l'ITA>ENG Grader team per questo contributo e per tutto il lavoro svolto!
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