Professional Use of Twitter Now Prominently Acknowledged by Translators’ Associations

Those of us translators and interpreters who attend industry conferences and follow what is going on in industry associations have noticed an interesting phenomenon lately: Twitter finally being embraced and acknowledged as a genuine discussion and informative platform for the translation industry. I have been on Twitter for almost four years now, and I have seen language professionals participating in the platform from day one. In the early days people still overwhelmingly–and annoyingly–posted too much personal stuff that did not add any value to other users. Then some decided to tweet live from industry events, and soon others found out how invaluable Twitter really was when it comes to being informed about latest trends and ideas in our profession. This has intensified lately, and I have also witnessed some great discussions about relevant topics such as machine translation, business practices and CAT tool features. Despite the lively discussions and sharing of ideas, however, it seemed until a few months ago that Twitter was still some alternative life or underground activity–it was simply not mainstream yet. That has changed...

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