A message from the ILD Administrator

Hi. This message is for those of you who are getting ready for the ATA annual conference in San Diego.

This year a mobile app has been made available in order to make it easier for attendees to manage their conference and networking activities.
You should have received a message about it, with instructions to download and install it and a password to access the various sections.

This new feature also means that there will be no marketplace room - that is, that room with long tables with a section for each language, where we used to leave our resumes and business cards. If you would like other
attendees to be able to take a look at your cv, you can upload it into the database to make it available through the mobile app.

All the relevant info are here:

So, no need to print out tons of resumes, just bring a few if you wish to leave a copy with potential clients in the exhibitors' hall. Otherwise, just bring your business cards and get ready to pitch your services quickly and

If you wish to receive conference updates, please follow the ILD on Twitter:

See you in San Diego

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