ATA Webinar: A Translator's Guide to Clinical Trials

What’s in Your Kit? The Medical Translator’s Guide to 
Navigating Clinical Trials and Investigational Documentation

Presenter:  Erin M. Lyons
Date:  July 19, 2012
Time:  12 Noon US Eastern Time
Duration:  60 minutes
CE Point(s):  1

It's easy to lose sight of the "big picture."

Translators working in clinical trials are often focused on the terminology 
and details of the job without thinking much about how their translation fits 
into the process. To understand the big picture can be just as important to 
a good result as the work itself.

Change your perspective! Join translator Erin Lyons in examining the 
steps involved in investigational research and the role of translation in 
the process.

This webinar will cover:

*  The clinical trial pipeline: the process, terminology, and documentation
*  The technical, terminological, and ethical challenges and choices faced 
    by translators
*  Electronic documentation and what technological developments mean 
    for translators
*  Country- and language-specific resources and glossaries

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