Boston conference: how was it?

Hi everybody. Would you like to post your own impressions about this year's conference in Boston?
Which session did you enjoy the most and why?
My personal favourite was the first of Tim Parks' sessions, on the retranslation of classics. I did expect something relevant and interesting, but we got more than that: it was fun and inspiring even for people who are very unlikely to ever translate literature.
What about you?

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Riccardo ha detto...

Ciao Francesca,

Thank you for all the work you (and the other ILD organizers) put into the conference this year. I reviewed the sessions I attended in three different posts in About Translation ( - the high points of the conference for me were Tim Parks' presentations.

Chiara GC ha detto...

Hello all.
I have to say that my experience at this conference was not as exciting as yours, Francesca, and the only sessions I enjoyed were just about those presented by ILD and Tim Parks. I attended three other sessions that were supposed to be for advanced translators but in reality were for beginners. The one that disappointed me the most was the one presented by Mathilde Fontanet on translating technical texts. Considering that she was a Distinguished Speaker and the head of the French section of CERN translation service, I was expecting a more challenging presentation. Thank you again for the great work. Chiara

admin ha detto...

Too bad, Chiara. I have attended several sessions that I found extremely interesting and useful, including Working Successfully with a Translation Partner (Corinne McKay and Eve Bodeux) and The Importance of Linguistic Discretion in the Age of Facebook (John Watkins).
I hope you filled in the feedback forms, which are a very important tool to express our opinions about the speakers and their presentations.

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