ASTTI: Translation Unconference

ASTTI, Autodesk and the Swiss Federal Statistical Office are hosting a  Swiss unconference on translation, in Neuchatel, on June 24. 

Unconferences are participant-driven events without invited speakers. Topics are gathered beforehand and the agenda for the day is agreed upon at the opening of the unconference. There have been successful unconferences on a variety of subjects, including in Switzerland.
This will however be the first translation unconference in Switzerland. We expect that this event will be particularly interesting because the Swiss translation landscape is so dense and varied yet lacks a forum for exchange between its many actors - translators, translation services in governmental administrations, translation services in international organisations, in-house translation teams in the industry, translation agencies, translation tool developers, machine translation researchers, machine translation service providers, translation schools, etc. The translation unconference will take place on the premises of the Federal Statistical Office located right next to Neuchatel train station.

The unconference is free. *To find out more, propose topics and register, please go to

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